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Analytics Customizations

Surveillance camera analytics are a trendy topic. They refer to the use of advanced technologies to analyze video feeds from surveillance cameras in real-time, extract meaningful insights, and produce actionable intelligence.
Often, though, end users are not sufficiently set up to use these features.

Below are some typically toted standard uses.

1. Intrusion Detection

SMT will assist in tailoring your Surveillance camera analytics to detect unauthorized intrusions into restricted areas or private properties by setting up virtual tripwires or geofences. When someone crosses these virtual boundaries, we'll work with your system to immediately alert security personnel, enabling them to respond promptly and appropriately to prevent potential crimes such as burglaries or thefts.

2. Traffic Analysis

Surveillance camera analytics can monitor traffic patterns and identify traffic violations such as speeding, illegal parking, or running red lights. By enforcing traffic regulations, surveillance camera analytics can help prevent accidents and other traffic-related crimes, enhancing public safety in municipalities and roadways.

3. Behavioral Analytics

Surveillance camera analytics can analyze human behavior patterns in real-time, and raise alerts when certain unusual behaviors are detected. For example, loitering in a restricted area, engaging in suspicious activities, or exhibiting aggressive behavior can trigger alerts, allowing security personnel to intervene and prevent potential criminal activities before they escalate.

4. Facial Recognition

Surveillance camera analytics can utilize facial recognition technology to identify individuals in real-time by comparing their facial features against a database of known offenders. This can help law enforcement agencies identify and apprehend criminals, preventing them from committing crimes in our city. It can also assist in locating missing persons or identifying potential suspects in ongoing investigations.

5. Crowd Monitoring

Surveillance camera analytics can monitor large gatherings or events and detect crowd anomalies such as overcrowding, stampedes, or fights. By providing early warning of potential crowd-related incidents, security personnel can take proactive measures to manage crowds and prevent crime or public safety incidents

6. Data Analysis

Surveillance camera analytics can process large volumes of video data and generate insights through data analysis. This can help law enforcement agencies identify crime hotspots, modus operandi of criminals, and patterns of criminal activity. This intelligence can inform deployment of resources and strategic planning to prevent crime effectively.

Drawing Applications

With a fresh set of drawings, your Physical Security Software can make use of the maps to add cameras, card readers, intrusion points and set up a realistic understanding of the facility layout in the case of an emergency or access is needed by a local Public Safety Agency. 

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