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Service Level Agreements
Ongoing Hosting & Management

Keep The Story On Track

A large part of the reason our clients are in the place they are is that information is in too many different places, and the responsibility to manage that data is spread just as much.


Often, the history of "who was responsible for what" is convoluted, lost to outsourced contracts no longer in service, or with an ex/employee that was/is less than detailed in their documentation for reasons such as substituting in for a role in a project, overloaded, or struggling to prioritize themselves.

We know that there are a multitude of services out there offering various pieces of our solution individually so we aim to intelligently consolidate, organize and manage this data for you via our Scanning Packages and maintain your story with our Service Level Agreements.

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So we've captured the site,
what about changes and updates?

The reason we're here to begin with is because ongoing data management requires resources to maintain and pivot with inevitable changes to structures, both physically and digitally.

Our Service Level Agreements are customizable and designed to maintain a firm hand-in-hand relationship with our clientele by:

  • Reviewing Statuses

  • Updating Data 

  • Checking in on recent activity

  • Training new staff

  • Updating Virtual Models when changes requiring so occur

  • Providing Technical Support

  • Virtual Tours require hosting and can be archived* if not opting for ongoing maintenance.

*Archived Locations will incur a restore fee to reopen as required by the hosting service, Matterport. Data stored with SECMAPTEC is maintained regularly.

Improve Maintenance Efficiency & Inspections

Via our SecMap™ Service Level Agreement, your Facilities Group may fill a collaborator position with a staff member to notate service or inspections done to devices. 

Auditable Notations

Virtual Tour notations are fully auditable by:

  • Create Date

  • Time

  • Name

Auditable Notations

Conduct Inspections With Staff and Vendors

Uphold regular device inspections per policy and  automate schedules


Consolidate inspection information.

Create a specific virtual tour view for device inspections, by category or in general.

Enforce Vendors assurances of regular maintenance via service level agreements.

Set the schedule, automate outreach, and be notified upon completion.

Knowledge Base, Policies, and Points of Contact 

Add a view and primary information tag to host  general facility information such as policies, procedures, points of contact and expectations.

  • Example: a list of vendors servicing the facility and their contact information


Grant view-only linked access to the general view for incoming maintenance staff.

Give new hires a clearer picture of a site through access to historical service notes. 

Train in system use and when employees establish a firm commitment, grant them note taking access.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher locations are to be visited and inspected monthly as OSHA 1910.157 requires employers to visually inspect their portables. 

We have tailored inspection forms that link directly to their respective response boards and place the Form links directly into the items on the Virtual Tour.

  • These Forms are available to staff external to the Virtual Tour via shareable link.

  • These forms maintain a continually recorded audit of all inspections made, are easy to update with photos, inspection statuses, and contain Inspector Signatures. ​

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