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Device Data Visualized, Organized, Centralized, and Curated.


Whether your plans are old renovation blueprints, littered with architectural notes and callouts, or something quickly generated in a notepad, printed as an egress plan, and marked up with a sharpie, we are here to bring your facility up to professional standards with clean, scale drawings; measured and drawn with professional CAD and photography design tools. These SecMapsbring new visual clarity and tactical functionality to the facilities they're tailored for. 

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Need a quick 2D/3D Floor Plan?

Designed for anyone in need of a fresh facility drawing and plotted points.

For upcoming projects, providing to vendors, and training employees visually where equipment is located across the facility. 

Refresh your facility floor plans with scale 2D and 3D Drawings by floor.

Each plan is drawn to 99% accuracy to meet existing furniture plans and security equipment is placed on a separate layer.

Clean drawings can be applied to security software or other software utilizing facility maps*.
*facility maps feature must be available in existing software


If you want the Virtual Tour Hosting, continue below to SECMAP™ UNIFIED.

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Time to Overhaul the Old? Solicit More Vendors!

This package comes in handy for Request For Information, Bid, Proposal, and quote releases.


We have a background in answering RFP's, implementing projects, and understanding of what information helps vendors respond appropriately.


We will:

  • Visit your site

  • Catalog your existing equipment

  • Scan and mark up a virtual tour with relevant equipment data

  • Host a 4K Virtual Tour for the duration of the Request (hosting billed for the number of months Request is open, we archive the model post Request and it may be reopened at a later date)

  • Produce floor plans for Vendor Review and marked up submission with their response.


Each plan is drawn to 99% accuracy to meet existing furniture plans and security equipment is placed on separate layers by platform (VS, EACS, INT).

This drastically reduces time to RFP and increases the number of bidders able to accurately provide numbers with access to the virtual model.

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The Trifecta

Our most popular package, SECMAP™ UNIFIED provides 2D Drawings and a 3D Dollhouse of your facility with an interactive 4K Virtual Tour created via Matterport's Pro3 Lidar 4K 360° camera, scans up to 99% accurate in scale. (Pro3 has an error rate of approximately 20 millimeters at a 10 meter range for raw depth output - Matterport)

This touring mode brings navigable photo-realistic user travel throughout the facility, VR and AR Ready, much like the standards expected in high-end real-estate showings.

We notate, catalog, and prepare an extensive, comprehensive assessment of equipment on site, and build a schedule of equipment coinciding with the tagged virtual model.

Client Collaborator Staff are able to make their own notes on Virtual Tags.

​We offer Service Level Agreements and ongoing hosting to keep your facilities in order.

  • This helps in training new staff members and client collaborators are permitted to make their own notes on tags, for example, when something has changed, staff may update the item on the model in an auditable trail.

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Display Your Installed Products in a New Way

This package is built for manufacturers and installers looking to showcase their products as installed in real-time environments. Think about the potential in real-estate showings with your products boldly tagged, particularly with the rise of VR and AR Technologies.


Often, your product is made, shipped, installed without seeing a final implementation end result that could yield some flattering marketing material for both the end user and the manufacturer. End users are as proud of their product choice as you are, why not share in the benefits?

Want to share licensing costs with another manufacturer partner or end user? We offer special pricing for combined projects.


We will:

  • Visit your client site

  • Scan and a virtual tour capturing relevant equipment data provided

  • Host an advertisable 4K Virtual Tour for the duration of the requested marketing campaign (hosting billed for the number of months Request is open, we archive the model post Request and it may be reopened at a later date)

  • Tag each product with details as requested; examples: 

    • Product Specifications

    • Where to buy

    • How to buy

    • Contact

    • Other complementary products


Features Overview

2D Floorplan (PDF Standard)
CAD Floorplan (Add-On)
BIM Floorplan (Add-On)
e57 Floorplan (Add-On)
Service Level Agreement
4K Virtual Tour Hosting (Per Month/Annual)
Client Collaborator Seat (Per Seat Rate)
Masking of Visual Private Data
Multi-Layered Asset/Device Tagging
Convenient Data Export
Interactive Note Taking
Custom Forms and Links
Customer Portal
Full Project Management Access
Dashboard Summary
Archivable Models (Subject to Reopening Fee)
Two Digital Computer Screens with Surveillance CCTV Video in a Harbour Monitoring Center w

RTCC-Grade Tactical Aid

Designed for Public Safety, the Overwatch Package is for RTCC Applications and Integrations.


Included is the Unified package with visually layered dimensions overlaid along walls, items of note, and highlighted notation to improve and expediate tactical commands beyond any form of visual aids available to Public Safety Organizations today.

End users with SecMaps can simply provide links to their Virtual Tours and Public Safety Organizations can add these links to RTCC Management Software Tools such as Fusus, Genetec, Video Insight, Command Central Aware, etc. to improve actionable insights.

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