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Combining facility maps, virtual tours, and device data into real-time visual collaboration.

What is a SecMap?

A SecMap™ is a series of detailed, scale floor plans, 2D/3D layouts, generated by lidar scanning and 4K virtual tours/digital twins; tailored for use in facility device management, schedules of maintenance for security systems, public safety organization tactical access, and incorporation with active security systems.

Matterport Camera Lidar Scans


2D Floor Plan for Use In  Many Software Platforms

Matterport Camera DollHouse Marked Up

4K 360 Virtual Tour
of a Space Focused On  Visually Accessible Device Management

Device Data Consolidation and Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging and Data Exports for Increasing Bid Proposals and Accurate Responses

Why Do I Need This Service?

Visualize Your Data in Real Space

Collaborate and notate devices directly on your 4K Virtual Tour, create different views by application! Our teams can collaborate in real time, updating/notating changes.
See your relevant data for devices such as cameras, credential readers, intrusion zones, and more! Set established guidelines for those installations, by your team or a contracted vendor, right on the Virtual Tour.

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Get More Qualified Bid Proposals

At the preparation stages of a facility infrastructure upgrade, end users often don't know what they have or have a less than partial picture of their current status.

We will help you in cataloguing and preparing a Formal Request for services. Access to Virtual Tours/Digital Twins provide solicitors with a whole new method to accurately estimate, saving both parties' staff from blocking out scheduled work for scheduled onsite surveys.

Save Senior Staff from "Show & Tell" Tours

As security and maintenance staff is turned over or new vendors take on projects and service level agreements, a well documented, visual aid can be crucial in saving managers time, organizations money, and operations legwork in getting familiar with facilities, services, and accurate estimates.

Egress Plans Evolved

  • We set up an easy-to-read, scale-perspective of the facility's Egress Plan in case of an evacuation emergency; which you can share directly with your local Public Safety Agency and Fire Department. 

  • Print out 2D floorplans and place them on walls where old hand drawn maps, often marked with highlighter or pen drawn arrows, used to be. 

  • Staff take pride in where they work and principles in CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) show that improving aesthetics of an environment increase the perception of security and safety.

Improve Maintenance Efficiency & Inspections

  • With our SecMap™ Service Level Agreement, manage auditable inspections, scheduled repairs, and more easily via Views (aka layers) in Matterport and our Service Portal. 

  • With your direction, we will set up a suite of custom forms with an end
    user portal, hosting a collection of responses, fully exportable and
    shareable forms for contractors or your own team.

  • We can also work with you to integrate existing Ticket Systems to
    reduce data entry points.

Status Dashboard

We're Applicable

Video Surveillance Icon

Using hand drawn plans or navigating cameras by a text list?​

  • Add your clean facility plan to VMS software.

  • Plot Cameras in Accurate Locations for quick viewing of feeds.

  • 4K Virtual Tours for navigating corridors and entryways without guessing from camera views.

  • See your devices labeled in Virtual and AR

  • Attach device information in tags and notes for future maintenance.

We're Organized

Have a Helicopter or Micro Manager?
We're Detailed Enough for Both.

With so many moving parts in projects, it's easy to lose track of the who, what, where, when and how. So, we use Fortune 500 modern, collaborative project management software to document all updates, data, and cross-link the platform to your Virtual Tour for ease of bouncing between both at the click of a button. We'll send your PM's and Stakeholders a guest board seat to simply drop in for an update.

And, yes, we have summary dashboards for our busy clients! 

A Peak at Our Process

We're Compatible

Tablet Ready
Smartphone Ready
Laptop Ready
Desktop Ready

Mobile Ready

  • Easy App Downloads

  • Or Access from your Mobile Browser

  • Update right from your phone

Supported Phones 

  • iPhone 7 or later

  • Google Pixel 2 or later (or other comparable Android devices) 

Supported Tablets 

  • iPad Pro (1st gen or later)

  • iPad (7th gen or later)

  • iPad Air (2nd gen or later)

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or other comparable Android devices 

Desktop Req's  

  • Web Client Based

  • Access Live Project with your work email


Supported Desktop/Laptops 

  • PC

  • Windows 10 or later

  • Dedicated GPU with at least 8 GB of RAM

  • Mac

  • OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or later and at least 8 GB of RAM

  • Dedicated GPU with 4 GB or above video memory recommended

We're Secure

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Monday Work Management Logo
Matterport Secured Sharing
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Matterport/Monday Hosting

Is my data secure? The Fortune 500 seem to think so.

We use the industry's premium digital twin platform, Matterport, with AWS Government Cloud Security and Monday's Work Management Platform, an award winning Project Management utility known for superior collaboration and security.

Please feel free to review their trust center policies above.

Commonly Asked Questions

“I have to release an RFP for a new physical security system but I want to make sure we have the data integrators require, such as maps, devices, etc. Can you catalog and provide this data for us?”

We're Merging Markets



Architects provide excellent services when it comes to precise drawings and 3D renders for New Construction or Total Renovations. Their revenue is largely based in these time consuming projects and as such, re-draws are typically high-volume/low income requests for their time. This makes end-user budgeting for a re-draws difficult and puts architects in the awkward position of turning down work.



Security Consultants are experts in their Industry's Standards and Practices; offering sound advice regarding CPTED Policies and helping to shape the overall security policy with their end-users. They often face the same issue as end-user facility managers in that the available drawings are largely older, outdated, notated submittals requiring many billable hours of editing for submission. 



Physical Security Integrators toe the line between IT Services and Construction Services by designing, specifying, and implementing Security Systems. These systems can be standalone or enterprise, often requiring Facility Maps to demonstrate where, what and how the equipment was installed. They draw basic maps or rely on the older, available submittals to plot their device locations. 

We're Relevant

In a crisis situation, every second counts...

The ability to quickly and accurately respond to an emergency can be the difference between life and death. One critical element of effective emergency response is the availability of up-to-date facility drawings. These drawings can provide vital information to first responders and other public safety officials, helping them to navigate and assess the situation more quickly and effectively.

First responders can use facility drawings...

Facility drawings typically include detailed information about the layout and features of a building or complex. This information can include floor plans, schematics, and other relevant details. When these drawings are kept up-to-date, they can be invaluable in a crisis situation. For example, in the event of a fire or other emergency, first responders can use facility drawings to quickly determine the location of fire exits, emergency shut-off valves, and other critical safety features.

Keeping facility drawings up-to-date requires a concerted effort on the part of all stakeholders...

Keeping facility drawings up-to-date requires a concerted effort on the part of all stakeholders involved in building management and maintenance. This includes building owners, property managers, and security personnel. It is important to establish a clear protocol for updating and maintaining these drawings, as well as to ensure that all relevant parties are trained on the proper procedures.

These drawings can help security personnel identify potential security risks or areas of vulnerability...

In addition to providing relevant, crucial information for emergency response, up-to-date facility drawings can also help to prevent crises from occurring in the first place. By providing a comprehensive view of the building or complex, these drawings can help security personnel identify potential security risks or areas of vulnerability. This information can then be used to develop and implement appropriate security measures, such as surveillance cameras or access controls.



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